JWDA Table Lamp, PortableJWDA Table Lamp, Portable

JWDA Table Lamp, Portable

by Tim Rundle

Interconnect Candle HolderInterconnect Candle Holder

Interconnect Candle Holder

by Colin King Studio

From $369.95
Rail ShelfRail Shelf

Rail Shelf

by Keiji Ashizawa

Torso Table Lamp, PortableTorso Table Lamp, Portable

Torso Table Lamp, Portable

by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen

NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2

NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2

by Norm Architects

NNDW Cup, 2 pc.NNDW Cup, 2 pc.

NNDW Cup, 2 pc.

by Norm Architects

From $49.95
Epoch RackEpoch Rack

Epoch Rack

by Nina Bruun

From $179.95
Epoch ShelfEpoch Shelf

Epoch Shelf

by Nina Bruun

From $189.95
Fragilis BowlFragilis Bowl

Fragilis Bowl

by Atelier Armand

From $89.95
NNDW Fruit BowlNNDW Fruit Bowl

NNDW Fruit Bowl

by Norm Architects

Losaria PillowLosaria Pillow

Losaria Pillow

by Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

From $179.95
Zet Storage System, 60in.Zet Storage System, 60in.

Zet Storage System, 60in.

by Kaschkasch Cologne

From $819.95
Offset Loose CoverOffset Loose Cover

Offset Loose Cover

by Norm Architects

Hashira Pendant Lamp-Pendant-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorHashira Pendant Lamp

Hashira Pendant Lamp

by Norm Architects

From $359.95
Hashira Table LampHashira Table Lamp

Hashira Table Lamp

by Norm Architects

Hashira Pendant Lamp, Cluster-Pendant-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorHashira Pendant Lamp, Cluster-Pendant-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Hashira Pendant Lamp, Cluster

by Norm Architects

From $879.95
Hashira Floor LampHashira Floor Lamp

Hashira Floor Lamp

by Norm Architects

From $729.95
Cairn PoufCairn Pouf

Cairn Pouf

by Nick Ross Studio

From $769.95
Brasilia, Lounge ChairBrasilia, Lounge Chair

Brasilia, Lounge Chair

by Anderssen & Voll

From $2,595.95
Brasilia OttomanBrasilia Ottoman

Brasilia Ottoman

by Anderssen & Voll

From $769.95
New Norm Low Bowl, Dark Glazed, 5 inNew Norm Low Bowl, Dark Glazed, 5 in

New Norm Low Bowl, Dark Glazed, 5 in

by Norm Architects

New Norm Bowl, Dark GlazedNew Norm Bowl, Dark Glazed

New Norm Bowl, Dark Glazed

by Norm Architects

From $22.95
NNDW Plate, 8.1in, Dark Glazed

NNDW Plate, 8.1in, Dark Glazed

by Norm Architects

Mimoides PillowMimoides Pillow

Mimoides Pillow

by Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

From $99.95
The Eclipse DeskThe Eclipse Desk

The Eclipse Desk


Battus ThrowBattus Throw

Battus Throw

by Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm

Offset Sofa w. Loose CoverOffset Sofa w. Loose Cover

Offset Sofa w. Loose Cover

by Norm Architects

From $2,995
Androgyne Side Table, 20inAndrogyne Side Table, 20in

Androgyne Side Table, 20in

by Danielle Siggerud

From $729.95
Co Dining Chair, PlasticCo Dining Chair, Plastic

Co Dining Chair, Plastic

by Norm Architects & Els van Hoorebeeck

From $309.95
Eave Sectional Sofa, 2-SeaterEave Sectional Sofa, 2-Seater

Eave Sectional Sofa, 2-Seater

by Norm Architects

From $3,589.95
Eave Sectional Sofa, 3-SeaterEave Sectional Sofa, 3-Seater

Eave Sectional Sofa, 3-Seater

by Norm Architects

From $4,074.95
Eave Sectional Sofa, 4-SeaterEave Sectional Sofa, 4-Seater

Eave Sectional Sofa, 4-Seater

by Norm Architects

From $6,149.95
Eave Sectional Sofa, 5-SeaterEave Sectional Sofa, 5-Seater

Eave Sectional Sofa, 5-Seater

by Norm Architects

From $7,429.95
Plinth Shelf-Wall Shelf-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorPlinth Shelf-Wall Shelf-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Plinth Shelf

by Norm Architects

Passage Stool-Chair-Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorPassage Stool-Chair-Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Passage Stool

by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen

From $219.95
Snaregade Conference TableSnaregade Conference Table

Snaregade Conference Table

by Norm Architects

From $2,694.95
Ribbon Basket-Basket-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorRibbon Basket-Basket-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Ribbon Basket

by Norm Architects

Levitate Pendant-Pendant-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorLevitate Pendant-Pendant-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Levitate Pendant

by Afteroom Studio

From $489.95
Echasse Vase-Vase-MENU Design ShopEchasse Vase-Vase-MENU Design Shop

Echasse Vase

by Theresa Rand

From $224.95
Echasse Bowl-Decorative Bowl-MENU Design ShopEchasse Bowl-Decorative Bowl-Theresa Rand-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Echasse Bowl

by Theresa Rand

From $149.95
Duca Candle Holder-Candle Holder-MENU Design ShopDuca Candle Holder-Candle Holder-Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Duca Candle Holder

by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen

Co Chair, Fully Upholstered-Chair-Norm Architects-Dining Height (Seat 17.7in H)/Black Steel without Armrest-1-3114-035/Champion-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorCo Chair, Fully Upholstered-Chair-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Co Chair, Fully Upholstered

by Norm Architects

From $599.95

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