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Norm Architects’ minimalist, human-centred sensibility adhering to designs responding to real-life needs while maintaining a sophisticated, modern expression. There is nothing more rewarding than a family of products that presents both clever innovation and refined design. 

Visually bold and adaptable. Deeply thought-through and delightfully simple. Take one of the most-used rooms in the home, workplace or public space for granted? We wouldn’t dare.

In creating the Bath family, Norm Architects set out to transform the bathroom into a blissful retreat where we can relax and refresh. As the product family has expanded to meet new demands and offer new functional and aesthetic possibilities, it has stayed true to its core ethos of soft, functional minimalism. Today, there is little these products cannot help us with as we go about our days.

The full lineup now includes trash bins in an array of sizes, multiple mirror designs, a shower tray, towel bar, a toilet roll holder, a shower wiper, and a towel ladder, as well as both freestanding and wall-mounted editions for the toothbrush holder, soap pump, and toilet brush. With more options than ever before, the Bath collection fulfils every requirement for personal spaces in both public and private environments. -And while the design is part of a collection called the Bath family, you’re welcome to use it in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, or any other corner you see fit.

Visually strong, iconic and masculine without being overwhelmingly dominated, the matte surfaces provide a sensual tactility and pronounced silhouettes. The overall design does not just stop at uniform lines and rounded bases, but can be characterized by understated practicality. With functional details all around, hygienic and user-friendly importance is needed to create a pleasingly clean focal point in your bathroom.

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