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Bottle Grinder Family

The form, shaped more like a bottle, cleverly tricks the user to engage with the design in a playful and experimental way – and the powerful ceramic mechanism encourages even further experiments as it tackles a wide range of spices, seeds, salt and pepper. 

Steering away from the predictable grinder, the Norm ‘Bottle Grinder’ is not what you expect to see in a salt and pepper grinder.

The Bottle Grinders are not your typical salt and pepper grinders. The powerful internal mechanism and soft plastic enclosure, provides a good grip, making the grinder easy to operate and perfect for trying out more than just salt and pepper.

They are easy to operate, fill and clean. You simply open them, fill them with delicious ingredients and close them again. 

With the grinding mechanism located at the top of the set, it also ensures that you will keep your counter or kitchen table clean from salt and pepper flakes common with most other grinders.

The Bottle Grinder family is available in a range of beautiful, soft Scandinavian colours and combined with beech or walnut lid and is now extended with the addition of brass versions.

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