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JWDA Series

Products in the JWDA Series

Perfect your own lightscape with these carefully composed pieces, bound to transform any room of the home from gloomy to a soft, golden glow. It roundedness expresses warmth and friendliness, embodied by honest materials ennobled by the refinement of the design.

An instant classic, The JWDA series is the kind of sculptural piece that turns heads and brings new life to a room.

Originally inspired by more archaic oil lamps of the past, the JWDA’s form has been simplified into an organic shape that beautifully blends contrasting elements, whereby the raw and delicate harmoniously meet in one.

The pendants simplified refinement reduces the presence of clutter. Unusually for a pendant, JWDA features a dimmer switch on its base, a practical function that makes this a perfect pendant to hang over a dining table or office desk.

The great dimmable opal shade allows for a smooth transition into daylight even before the coffee has kicked in. Furthermore, this allows its users to select the kind of ambience to be created in a room – a buzzing living room, a sophisticated office or as a quiet focal point in the hallway.

Casting a muted, soft glow, JWDA comes supplied with a G9 frosted shade. The light can be easily adjusted by hand. MENU launched the lamp in two new versions with 12% more marble than the original. Most recently the reworking of the dimensions of The JWDA Table Lamp to create a pared-back light with a bold personality, the floor lamp is the latest addition to the series.

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