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New Norm Dinnerware Family

All designs are colour-glazed and burned twice at 1400 degrees for maximum strength.  This gives your plates and bowls exceptional durability.

New Norm Dinnerware is manufactured at a state-of-the-art factory specializing in porcelain for restaurants and hotels.

A Menu bestseller, the series has a uniquely Nordic feel. Each new addition to the family is tested in Höst, a leading Copenhagen restaurant. And we don’t just care about aesthetics. Each piece is burned twice at 1,400 degrees for maximum strength and exceptional long-lasting durability. The dinnerware is finished with a special glaze that gives the porcelain its elegant, watercolour-like texture.

Guided by these principles, Norm Architects produce a dinnerware family that unites good materials and craftsmanship, while embodying beauty and timeless simplicity. The Scandinavian simplicity and purity of New Norm Dinnerware have won hearts all over
the world.

products in the New Norm Dinnerware Family

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