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Snaregade Collection

The table’s elegant profile makes a clear, modern style statement while tying in harmoniously with other interior elements, both modern and classic. The existing Snaregade series houses different shapes, sizes and tabletop options, the multi-functional family of tables is becoming truly all-purpose.

The Snaregade Table was originally built for the home of MENU founder Bjarne Hansen, answering the question: What does the founder of a furniture company need in his dining room?

He needed a table that was efficient in its use of space, visually light, and of course, sophisticated. Soon after, Norm Architects manufactured a few tables for their own studio after prizing the potential; it was so well-received that it’s been in production ever since. An elegant series of minimalistic tables with a strong linear presence and sophisticated table surfaces were born. The original is a painted veneer tabletop, which beautifully exposes the grain and structure of the wood. MENU also offers a linoleum tabletop, whose materially appealing makes its velvety finish irresistible for busy settings. The base features durable and stylish powder-coated steel, makes it an easy choice for restaurants and families with young children.

Snaregade tables have since become a central gathering point to aesthetically elevate any lifestyle. The thinner silhouette enhances configuration freedom, for spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and other space-savvy interiors around the globe. In our modern world, where sitting has become the overwhelming norm, the possibility of standing while eating, working, or meeting over coffee adds a much-needed, healthy dimension to our indoor lives.

Conceived for both public and private use, the newly introduced counter and bar versions provide functional use, built for a range of building and interior profiles, supporting day-to-day needs in conference rooms, boardrooms, and touch-down co-working lounges. If you are looking for a complete table and chair setup with modern, enduring, comfort-oriented construction, the new Snaregade Table heights work beautifully with the newly released counter and bar versions of our Harbour Chair.

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