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Tribeca Series

The series is filled with pieces that can be used in a variety of configurations to create a dramatic statement. The industrial and functional character of Tribeca is designed to be suitable for both living rooms, kitchens, offices and bars.

The name Tribeca refers to a very popular part of New York in lower West Manhattan, the triangle below Canal Street. The Tribeca series of lamps started with a classic American road trip.

Danish designer Søren Rose travelled across the US collecting lamps from the early to the mid 20th century. He took his cache back to the studio in New York, dismantled and reassembled them, mixing and matching lamps. All the parts were rated and arranged, until these new and much bolder designs emerged. Out of this experimentation the Tribeca series was born, inspired by the glamour of New York in the late 1930s.

The features, in combination with the elegant details, make the Tribeca array of lamps, pendants and chandeliers a series of retro-chic pieces of art. The Tribeca designs’ elongated arms expand into space in a manner both sculptural and pragmatic, demonstrating how simple this series ideal lighting solution can be.

The original pieces were built upon warm brass interiors creating light that is at once unobtrusive and beautiful. Updates on the classic look kept the profile minimalist while adding a touch of femininity to the silhouette. These changes have provided a look that can be used in any number of settings, from a home kitchen to a public cafe.

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