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Wire Planter Family

Mix and Match between the three varying heights, three colour options and Marble Top, Plant Pot or Oil Disc to create your own tableau variations for either indoor or outdoor.

Designed by the team at Norm Architects, the Wire Planter Series was inspired by a Japanese style garden.

The inspiration for this charming and decorative series came while Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen were visiting a Japanese-inspired garden in L.A. The garden had custom-made standing and hanging displays with flowers and light. Together with Japanese trees and small fountains, it transformed the garden into a new kind of Art Deco style.

The combination of the Wire Pot and Base creates a beautiful resting place for your plants, while also offering stands of varying heights to bring visual interest and decoration to both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The geometric lines outlining the base and the gentle curves of the pot work in harmony to lend a greenery aesthetic to any house. Because of the set-ups striking and elevated nature, these pieces are a great option for plants in commercial spaces, such as restaurants and offices.

All pieces are offered in three colours that keep it modish while remaining subdued. The pieces can be bought separately but are best used together.

Products in the Wire Planter Family

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