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Our 149-page brand book for 2020 features gorgeous photography and rich product stories, and serves as both a catalog and brand statement for where we are, and where we are going. You can view our brand book online here: (link), but if you would like to own a physical copy of this magnificent tome, order one for free and just pay shipping.

At MENU, we believe in Connected Spaces. Spaces that unite our worlds through design – and make our transitions from one place to another seamless, interesting and enjoyable.

In our rapidly changing landscape, the distinctions between home and work have blurred. The concept of Connected Spaces reflects this exciting shift , highlighting our opportunities to create human, multi-functional environments that serve our needs. Workplaces that make us to feel right at home. Homes with all the comforts and refinements of boutique hotels. Cafés, shops, restaurants, and hotels that feel curated to our desires and aspirations.

Connected Spaces are a testimony to the future of design. By connecting the dots between home, work and hospitality, we can redefine how we use space – and, ultimately, how we connect to one another.

Designing ideal spaces is a journey. There is no road map. But on the following pages, you'll find a few of MENU’s methods for giving spaces meaning and creating a sense of belonging.

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Pages: 149

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