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Tearoom Club Chair, Red City Velvet

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The Tearoom Club Chair, MENU’s newest addition to the lounge and comfort category, is a study in minimalist luxury. The striking, elegant form captures designer Nick Ross’ fascination with the history of objects, and his knack for lending classic concepts distinctive, modern appeal. Simple geometric shapes and irresistible texture work together to cater to the human body while adding richness and daring elegance to our interiors. In creating his new, fully upholstered lounge chair, Nick Ross envisioned a form ideal for exclusive hotel, club or lounge environments, as well as private living spaces that indulge the senses and our need for comfortable retreats.

Ross’ inspiration for the design came from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Willow Chair, created for the Willow Tearooms in Glasgow in 1904. Like many of Mackintosh’s furniture designs, the Willow Chair, while undoubtedly beautiful, is more about visual impact than comfort, its unusual dimensions making it more of a sculptural installation than a piece of usable furniture. Seeing untapped potential, Ross opted to evolve the essence of the Willow Chair to create a more fully resolved product. His resulting Tearoom Club Chair is imbued with elegant yet strict femininity, and balances the fascinating, curving silhouette with a construction and materials selected for comfort. It’s easy to spend a long time sitting in the Tearoom Club Chair which, while being supremely inviting, stops short of being overly casual.

The lounge chair makes for ideal lobby seating, the curved back allowing it to fit comfortably into compact spots. Timeless in its expression, the design is well suited to both period and contemporary environments. It is crafted using wood and foam and fully upholstered in fabric that gives it the necessary tactility and softness.

  • 30.7"H x 22.8"W x 27.6"D
  • Body: Wood construction, Webbing, PU Foam
  • Base: Painted MDF

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