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Tired Man Footstool

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Note: If you want to order a lounge chair, please use this listing. If you order an individual footstool, separately from a chair, there is a chance the two pieces will not perfectly match.  

The Tired Man Footstool has been designed from Flemming Lassen's original armchair. The soft lines and round shapes from the armchair is continued in the footstool. Are you already the lucky owner of The Tired Man and want to buy a footstool? The dyeing on by Lassen’s furniture in sheepskin may vary, due to that it is a natural product, where the color, structure and length of the wool fiber can vary from product to product. We therefore recommend that lounge chairs and footstools are purchased together to avoid any differences.

  • 14.17''H x 21.65''W x 20.87''L, Weight: 39.69 lbs.

  • Metal

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