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Harbour Collection

This is the type of sitting experience that energises you in the morning, helps you plug in during the day, and welcomes you to unwind at night. From the kitchen to the office, the private dining room to the bustling café, the Harbour Chair effortlessly sails to any destination, becoming instantly at home –and making sure you feel the same.

Conceived during the design process for MENU’s creative destination MENU Space located in Copenhagen’s thriving Nordhavn (Northern Harbour) area, the Harbour Chair is the result of fulfilling a variety of needs (among others) comfortable versatility.

A hybrid space that mixes office, showroom, café, co-working and event space in one space required a chair that could suit a range of purposes. Finding a perfect balance between geometry and organic shapes, the shell’s armrests bend outwards for maximum support, as does its high backrest, providing not only comfort but also an elegant and slim appearance that will appeal to any discerning design aficionado. Available in ergonomic shells of your choice, whether that’s upholstered in textile, leather, or not at all; designed for optimal comfort with good lumbar support. The Harbour Dining Side Chair also features a new extension featuring a new shell that fits easily into compact spaces and under tables. 

The Harbour Chair – a sublimely comfortable pairing of versatility and minimalist style – now offers even more base options for living and working the way you like. First, there’s a swivel version for unmatched freedom of movement and, if you choose, easy rolling. And second, you’ll find a sleek bar and counter base options that let you pull your favourite chair up to your favourite surface, whatever its height. The slender and sculptural raised bases are designed with a comfy crossbar for the feet at just the right height to prolong the comfort and keep your posture in top form.

MENU’s upholstered chairs vary in pricing depending on the textile or leather you select, certain combinations are available for expedited delivery.

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